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DUNK! whatever.

I almost forgot about this blog 😐 I was busy with my tumblr. I initially wanted to use tumblr as a photo repository since this one has limits. And it looks like I’ve been blackholed into tumblr haha but it’s fun! Anyway, I’ve decided to use this for my text posts or monthly recaps or whatever.

After reading my previous posts, I realized almost all the entries I made are mostly vague random nonsense! WHAT? It’s been like that always.

right now, things are just crazy. I dont really know what’s going on hehe.

A shoutout to Pau who reminded me of this. Highfive!



  1. Well, well. Look who’s back! Hahaha. Goodjab! I forgot about mine for a while too. Welcome back Germama! :)) Highfive! πŸ˜€

  2. hehe :p thanks Ms. Pau, welcome back to you too hehe! labo :p

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