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Iwan mo lahat ng problema mo sa bahay.
Ilagay mo ang kamay mo sa manibela. Kapag kaharap mo na yun, yun ang intindihin mo.
– Mr Jeepney driver, waiting for driver’s license renewal.

He’s right.


And… God knows Hudas not pay.


Monday sucked big time.
Tuesday started with me being in the office 00:00.

Calling some place where they never ever answer the phone. EVER.
Talking to people who don’t really mean what they say. Or want what they say.

Sometimes I just want to go back to bed and sleep :\

say katy perry 3 times!

Katy perry katy perry katy perry

what do you get? nothing haha.


I’ve been watching Weeds recently. Never fails to put a grin on my face.

and yes. I’m still listening to Katy Perry. I still don’t know who to compare her to.

Hot and cold baby!

There’s always Katy Perry! :O

She sounds like.. like..I dont know. Passes my standards though.

Mio’s artist of the week. (Hopefully just week)

I should’ve stayed away from that quarter pounder…

And.. It’s been wickedly hot now 😐

That blue bright sky sometimes isn’t just that pleasant.

All time low man.
Thank you traffic and thank you dreadlocks.
Who would’ve known that it would make my day a bit better.

I should wipe off this stupid grin from my face.

Sometimes it is true.

You try to do your best. But it’s all wrong.

Fail and fail again but don’t lose your enthusiasm.

How am I supposed to be enthused by that? Is enthused a word anyway?

It’s really hard to cram the things you want to do into 3 days 😐

My mom’s got a new ipod from my tita. And I’ve been putting songs in it for her. Some of the songs are funny.

The Darkness – I believe in a thing called love

woohoo for July!

I’ve been to tagaytay for 3 straight weekends already 😐 hope I wont be going there this saturday 😐

and… I’m addicted to mafiawars 😐 damnit. nothing’s really happening but i still play it 😐

I held my old camera in my hands…
And yes first love never dies.

I’ve had it for almost four years now and it’s one of the best I’ve ever had!

The lx3 is nifty but I still have to get used to it. I still feel that the ixus part of me.

It’s funny because with the ixus, I never gave a damn if the picture was a bit over or under exposed. But now, my oc’s hunting me with the lx3.


maybe i’ll load those motion sensor stuff for it hehe! lightning storms!

I’m sure about it haha! 😐 Things have been feeling weird recently. It’s just crazy.

Had a blast at Tagaytay over the weekend. too bad we were’nt complete.

That was the night where Tita Pie & Tita Beeday beat the sexy shorts club 😐 My props to them hehe!

I’ve been pretty busy this may. Which explains my lack of updates here.

May just ate me up.

I cant wait for the next long weekend.


Bakit ba nakaka adik yung macaroons?
Nakaka bobo paminsan.
Ngunit nakaka adik talaga.

Kaya kong umubos ng labindalawa nun
sa iisang upuan lamang.

bat macaroon ang tawag doon?
di ba parang tanga ang pangalan niya?
ano ba ang macaroon sa wikang Filipino?

gusto ko pa.
only 35 pesos!