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In the early 90’s my brother and I used to collect basketball cards and marvel comics cards for some reason. And it was such a pain asking money from my mom just to buy a pack of cards. Buying packs surely beats buying the singles because there’s the thirll in getting the good random inserts in there.

My brother got lucky and was able to force my mom to buy him a pack of upper deck cards in megamall. He got even luckier when he opened the pack and started browsing through the cards. They were all Michael Jordans. I was like whoa. And my mom’s annoyed face showed a slight smile haha. LUCKY. I can’t recall if it was another buyer or saleslady saying that he got a “hot pack”. The odds of getting a hotpack maybe 1:72 (I’m not sure if it’s per box or case). But what are the odds of getting a Jordan hotpack? just lucky.

That was my first and last encounter with a hot pack. I just remembered it out of the blue. I wonder where the Michael Jordan cards are now, they maybe in some shoe box or binder. I dont know.

Makabili nga ng cards para lang sa thrill hehe!