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We came across a problem with the Rockband drumkit just this week. The drumkit’s lights wont light up, both the drum icon light and the player number indicators, which means the drums are not getting power from the Wii.

I’ve come across a number of posts in some forums of people having simmilar problems but not exact problems with their drums. I thought my usb cable was messed up because I rolled it when I put the kit aside.

What happened was the usb connection to the board of the drumkit became loose (I don’t know how and I wonder why).

I tried connecting it to the PC to see if the problem is with the drumkit only and not the Wii. It did not light up.

Here’s what I did.

1. Opened up the middle portion of the drumkit. The one with the directional pad, buttons and lights.
2. Unscrewed the PCB to free up the portion of the usb cable that was tucked under it.
3. Removed the end of the usb cable that was plugged to the pcb of the drumkit and plugged it back. No need to pull out the board from its place.
4. Plugged the usb to my PC first for sign of life. Windows is able to detect the Wii drumkit as a controller so it should show up.
5. The drum kit was recognized by Windows (after around 5 seconds) and I got the blue light. What a relief.
6. I unplugged the USB and put everything back together again.

The bands complete again haha! It saved me a LOT. I was already planning to get the RB 2 drumkit already (but I was also thinking of getting the ghwt set :|)

Hope this helps!

on another note, my play-asia order has arrived and I cant wait to get it. Office + Post office working hours = No chance for me to get it during weekdays. 😐