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Last year, I completed the stickers for the annual Starbucks planner. I can’t remember why I did’nt get my planner right away (color out of stock or no stock at all?). I went searching for a branch that still had stock of the planner, but got no luck. Until I saw the announcement, printed on a plain bond paper stating that they wont be available until March but, but they will be adding a messenger bag as a token of appreciation. hehe. pretty nifty. actually not just a bag, I dont know if this holds true for all branches but when I placed my reservation, they gave me a 100 gc. Not bad hehe! I gave it to Yan. Got the bag and planner last thursday (Pictures to follow). It even had a buy 1 take 1 “Thank you” card with it.

2 and a half months of waiting = 1 Messenger bag + 100 GC + 1 buy 1 take 1 card… not bad hehe!

I actually have other Starbucks sticker cards that I did not complete (3 actually, some lacking 2 to 4 stickers). Sayang 😐 I could have given Tisha and Nikki those bags hehe, nainggit sila nun nakita nila yun eh. Sometimes, I really dont pay attention to these things 😐

Now it’s time to draw some crap in it! hehe! procastination, you’ve surprised me this time.


may nakasabay pala kami kanina sa jeep na mga bata. nakaktawa yung uniform nila, parang weird yung itsura. araw araw cosplay. yay!