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More here : Famicase Exhibition

This made me remember my childhood.

I miss my Famicom 😐

I remember playing games I never really understood (most of them were Jap).

We had a NES and a Family Computer (Famicom). I admit having more fun with the Famicom than the Nes. The Famicom had a microphone in the second player controller which was used to annoy.

I remember those summers where my brother, cousins and I would waste away playing with it.

I still have the NES but the Famicom was given away. Goodbye mr Famicom, how are you now?

Inspiration so I wont forget hehe! I need more ideas!


The long weekend was packed.

Got lazy at some point but things picked up.

Congratulations to the newly weds, Jemma and Rain. I wish you guys the best 😛

Jemma’s dad gave us some Italian champagne last friday. sarap haha. Weddings in the provinces are festive.

Some balikbayans arrived at our place (T. Tony, T. Erika, Louie)

Watched the Pacquiao Hatton match. I thought I was watching Punchout on the NES. Hatton really looked wasted 😐

Picked up some new games for the Wii. (Madworld is whack, and kinda weird because of the voice of Jack, same voice actor, Steve Blum, of Spike in the english version of Cowboy Bebop :|)

Got news about Kiro.

Got to go to the Feast day thing down at the parish near my house.

some random gif to start the week.

May is looking up.

I like Media Monkey’s shuffle, better than iTunes. I get to hear more “random” songs.

and I like the way it goes to the next track, it fades the track playing.

Good thinng there’s no work tom. (walang kinalaman eh no?)

I suggest mediamonkey. Great for organizing your media library.

the title of this entry was brought to you by…
Ben Folds Five – Don’t Change Your Plans

That was the third time I made an investment where the store was about to close. Leaving me with no time to have second thoughts on it.

Uhhh. No regrets whatsoever.

I dont mind stealing bread from the mouths of decadents 😐 – temple of the dog haha!

Karuser II San was waiting for me down at play-asia.

Go to DMC!

I am so weak willed. Must not buy revoltechs after this one 😐

It sold out quite fast!


It seems that play asia restocked!

Revoltech Series No. 055 – Detroit Metal City – Krauser II

to change my pc?

hehe badtrip kasi manood dun paminsan dahil sa mga video delay. eh may mga nabasa ako na dahil daw yun sa processor. pwede naman ako manood ng maayos kaso marami pa akong papatayin na system stuff na nagrurun sa background. nung fresh install ko kasi walang playback problems. nakakainis. hindi ko tuloy ma enjoy yung monitor ko. rant rant rant. pero para sa mga mp4 at mkv files lang naman yun kasi nanonood ako ng Heroes kahapon, wala naman problema sa playback. Try ko reinstall yun cccp + coreavc, baka may mga namiss out lang ako dun.

pero pwede ko naman iconnect pala yung laptop ko dun pala sa monitor 😐 yun na lang muna 😐 kating kati na ako umuwi para ayusin yun 😐 hehe or wag ko nlng ikabit yun at all dun 😐

totally useless rambling :p pero yun nga, watching may be tedious but it will be worth it because of the speakers. I just need a killswitch for those waste of cpu rec stuff.

on another note

May Kikomachine Komix 5 na! pero di ko pa nabibili… I ended up buying Rogue yesterday. Wala pa kasi dun sa Glorietta 5 na National Bookstore. Ang layo sa binalak kong bilhin…

sa isang jeep:

dito maganda ————- dito panget

ok…. 😐