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My dream car

I went to the Manila International Auto Show last April 4 with Joshua and Yan… Thanks for the ticket Joshua hehe. It just happend. Just looking not buying. A field trip for kids.

Overheard conversation

Dad: (to son) Magpapicture ka sa babae. Bilis!
Son: ayaw ko tay
Dad: Sige na bilis!

something like that. nakakatawa yung itsura ng tatay. with conviction! OBEY! narinig din ni Joshua yun. The kid has one cool dad!

Come to think of it.. it’s pretty lame.. no, not lame.. weird, having your picture with those models. It’s like proof of life. Haha, wont happen again so why not?

Speaking of which

Win a friend, share first place!

but sometimes I still think it’s lame 😐 sometimes not 😐

and Yan loves the Bridgestone girls.

Will be going most likely again next year.

on another note : panget ang picture resizer ng microsoft. sometimes I have to use it. Some-times 😐


I’ll be going to my friends’ bridal shower tonight. Why are the guys invited?

Mary The Queen 3rd Community Easter 2009


Happy Easter everyone! Holy week zipped by pretty fast.
Is it just me or time is getting faster and faster?

ngayon ko lang napansin… ganun din pala itsura ko sa picture last year 😐 weird 😐

The past month (+ first half of April) was wasted. Or should I say, the first quarter was wasted? 😐

Fasting + eating at Brazil Brazil prior to that (last monday to be exact) = yogi 😐

I’m at a loss of words. But all I can say is that I may have been busy during the long vacation but I feel relaxed in some way. What way? I dont know haha.

Hello work!

I will probably upload pictures for the first quarter of the year… probably haha! oc!

other half

My mother said there was breakfast…

We usually read stuff while eating breakfast… and this is what I saw when I came back to drink water. Hah. You got me fooled Time magazine.

I still dont have a copy of Kiko machine 5 😐

and I havent started playing GTA Chinatown wars 😐

It’s earth hour tomorrow. 😐


other half

Have a piece of this

Things that surprise me from time to time. A scavanger hunt with the world.

A headless couple along Pasig river. You just slice the cake, not the couple figure heads on the cake. This is just wicked.