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I was browsing through Play Asia this morning and I’ve come across these.

Damn! After Revoltech’s hiatus, they’re now coming out with new figures this June. I can pass up for the Leina figure but that Gurren and Lagann figure is calling me. 😐 Now open for pre orders down at play asia.

To order or not to order…

I’ve got one gurren lagann already. so… I don’t know.



Oh and Tisha has a new dog. Hi mr Kiro haha!


Karuser II San was waiting for me down at play-asia.

Go to DMC!

I am so weak willed. Must not buy revoltechs after this one 😐

It sold out quite fast!


It seems that play asia restocked!

Revoltech Series No. 055 – Detroit Metal City – Krauser II