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Monthly Archives: March 2010

There was an earthquake around 30 minutes ago, and I was having a teleconference.

“Hi Richard, theres an earthquake.” I said.

I stood up and was about to hang up the phone and realized that it would be tiresome to redial the whole thing again. So I decided to place the handset on my desk.

I was looking at my officemates who were still seated. It looks like they’ve decided not to evacuate.

We resumed with the meeting.

I realized that it would be traumatizing for the other people on the line if they’d be hearing the building collapse or something if ever that happened.

And to think it was only a 3 here in Makati. At least nothing bad happened.

And I imagined my manager saying on the other line



People usually tell me stuff. Some nonsense stuff, some serious stuff, some mind blowing stuff, some trivial stuff. Then they usually say, our secret. 😐 It makes me wonder if I was the only person he or she told those things in the first place. It freaks me out sometimes.

There are few instances where these things they tell me are the ones that make you go crazy. The type of stories you have to let out or it will haunt you forever. The stories that in the middle of the day, while your doing your own stuff, you’d remember it and suddenly curse and stuff. I really hate it when this happens. I have a lot of those. It’s kind of hard to keep them too. Sometimes people will talk to me about these things and I’m like “What the hell” but I have to keep a straight face or an OMG face just to fake it. At least I also have a frowning face for it or a “I need to go to the bathroom” face to evade some ultra hard instances.

I have more rants about this. But its all cool. at least I’ve kept the ultrahigh secret stuff to myself. Some were unearthed and stuff but that’s life. Just like a diary, sometimes, it gets read by someone else aside from the author (this sounds wrong)

Good thing I can tell these wicked things to my dog. He knows a lot. If not, I don’t know what would happen to me. If you want to know the things I know, go to Gustavo. He knows a lot.

It’s march already 😐 February was crazy enough for me.

The weekend zipped by. How come now the days pass by so fast? Workday or not workday. But when I was studying, the school days used to crawl like hell. Is this supposed to be good or bad?

I look back, take my cup and sit back. Cheers. labo.

March started in a pretty messed up way.

I saw Christine Reyes last saturday by the way. Highlight of the weekend? nope. The highlight was drinking a mango shake in the heat.

Take me all the way.